Valley Vibe

Whilst I realise that Jason and the boys must have been exhausted after yesterday’s efforts, I’d like to let them know that so was I – although the days have long gone when I rose majestically in the middle of the covered end choir to catch the ball at the same time as our goalie, John Dunn. I was as physically engaged during and emotionally drained after yesterday as any other game I can remember.

The short walk to stand 5 deep in the after match crossbars queue to take the eye of the two serving staff was completely beyond my capabilities. The stress of it all – why do we do it ?

Well I guess we do it because of the atmosphere of collective joy/ relief/ togetherness and the Valley Vibe seems to be returning. The crowd really seem to be responding to the increased levels of commitment shown by the Bowyer inspired team. The noise level was great again yesterday and let’s hope it carries us through to Wembley and beyond. What my physical and mental state will be by then is anyone’s guess.

I might have to ask JJ and the gaffer whether I can join in a training session before the end of the season. – Either that or they need to treble the number of servers in Crossbars so I can drink more ….

5 thoughts on “Valley Vibe

  1. It reminded me of our premiership golden years 😄 so great to see a big crowd and the noise levels were awesome

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