I know the situation at Charlton is dire and our owner is an idiot but it was difficult to suppress a smile about this story from the Evening Standard last night –

a staff member who wanted to eat a packet of crisps at their desk asked their line manager for permission who in turn called HR to check if it was allowed who in turn told them that they needed to ring the facilities department for approval. 

Surely this is either fake news or a joke.  It really can’t be true can it ?.. but if it is and that’s the level of common sense prevailing amongst the staff then maybe Hercule Von Twonk is right to withhold bonus payments.

3 thoughts on “Crispgate

  1. I just hope that any CARD plans do not include Interupting the match in any way. Protests are fine and justified but not at the expense of match delays and interference to the team preparations and performance.
    Past actions have only made the stadium atmosphere more caustic than it already is!!

    • I agree Stuart – whilst it probably has little effect on Roland – I think it has a greater negative effect on supporters willingness to go to matches. I don’t think it affects the team

  2. Stuart thass juss wot I think but there ell bent on destroyin our gaff them exenophobe protesters. Ere if theirn drop crisps all over our gaff iss puttin more strain on the cleaners who work ard as it is let alone clearin up all the extra mess theirn make n all.

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