Billionaire Roland Duchatelet

If I’m honest I don’t know many billionaires, but I knew one a little and I feel like I know Roland a lot. The thing is they are both mean and are going to die enormously rich. It is really difficult to understand why you would choose to leave all your money to your wastrel grandkids who will become lazy and alcohol or drug addicted Now I might be wrong and our aged owner might have pledged his wealth to the Belgian Red Cross upon his demise but I suspect he hasn’t.

Bearing in mind that none of our prospective owners are anywhere near as rich as our existing owner you do wonder why he doesn’t waste £10- £15m of his money every year on Charlton rather than £5-7m – it’s always been rather a mystery to me because he’s so rich the bigger number won’t make a dent either.

If I was a billionaire, I would be thinking about the unbridled joy, pleasure and passion that I gave to the 38,000 individuals at Wembley and I could so easily give to them again rather than comprehensively wrecking the lives of my future generations

Strange isn’t it.

2 thoughts on “Billionaire Roland Duchatelet

  1. I will not return to Charlton, the club I have supported for 68 years, until this awful man leaves our club.

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