Don’t tell Thomas your name.. Pike

It seems the one certainty about working for Thomas Sandgaard at Charlton is that you aren’t going to be working for him for very long before you get fired. We’ve had managers galore, Bowyer, Adkins, JJ and now poor Ben. We’ve had Chris Parkes, Ged Roddy, Brian Jokat, Wayne Mumford, Olly Groome, Nathan Chapman, etc, etc the list is almost endless. You just about get introduced at the training ground and before anyone really knows your name you are reading your own compromise agreement. He sacked Rich Cawley before he realised that he didn’t work for the club.

What next ? The job spec is for a manager who plays attractive possession football and scores lots of goals with a squad of players to work with who play a combination of hot potato kamikaze possession football and who forgot to play our striker.

The transfer budget is zilch, the owner is batshit crazy, his son picks the new players from the League 2 free transfer list on his laptop, while the owners partner is experimenting with catapulting hot dogs into the Covered End. What’s not to like ?

I am sure there will be the usual flood of out of work managers declaring undying love for the club and kissing the badge in the folorn hope that they get a decent pay off before the Spanish Archer arrives……..

It’s a shambles yet again……………..Welcome to being a Charlton fan.

3 thoughts on “Don’t tell Thomas your name.. Pike

  1. Please will the last charlton fan leaving the Valley turn off the floodlights, cancel the milk and papers and put the cat out…..
    Enough is enough….So much damage done,by someone who has no interest in the club,staff,players and past managers.
    No management skills and employs his own family in key areas who are completely out of their depth.
    We have become he laughing stock of football fans.
    That’s it I’m giving up my season ticket.

  2. Peter Varney has recently tweeted and wants all true Charkton fans to get to the game with Brighton and get fully behind the team making as much noise as possible…..Mmmmm I suspect Peter may have a friend or two interested in Charlton….I live in hope of a brighter time ahead.
    Please please if your reading this get to the Valley that day and spread the word…thanks

  3. Ere I only juss fahnd ahrt Gazrner as been sacked or dissmissed wotever they call it naharadys. Well least under King Roland ourn were never at their lowest ebb so now the ones who wanted im gawn ave got that under Saandgard. Come back KR n QK please come back n sort ourn ahrt.

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