Huge player investment required at Charlton

For the first time in the last 100 years Charlton will be playing a 4th consecutive season in the 3rd division.
That assumes we will scrape enough points to avoid the drop

For a London club of our size that is a disaster. The current owner has proved to be hopelessly inept and unable to invest properly in the team.
The team is clearly 2nd rate and does not look capable of competing with the teams at the top of this division. A positive result against Sheff Weds is highly unlikely.
In order to challenge next season a huge investment in playing talent will be required. With the exception of Dobson and potentially Leaburn there isn’t a single midfield or forward player who is good enough. A big clear out.will be needed in the summer and Thomas’s normal ragbag of free transfers, lower league wannabes and loan players won’t get us promoted.

The Academy is great and can be relied upon to add one or two decent first team ready prospects every year, like Ness and Leaburn but more than that is wishful thinking.

Sandgaard hasn’t got the funds to get us promoted so where is the investment going to come from ?

8 thoughts on “Huge player investment required at Charlton

  1. I totally agree with the you. Mr Sangaard is obviously a good businessman but unfortunately clueless on the football front, imagining that the club could reach the Premiership in a couple of years.
    I have supported Charlton since 1946 and find it all very, very sad.

  2. Its the lack of ambition that hurts.
    That and the prospect of the next set of vultures arriving. I don’t know the numbers, but would guess a lot of ST holders are drifting away with every disappointing season.

  3. Agree completely. Charlton on back foot from KO, in the main outclassed. It’s a total bugger’s muddle, Sandgaard a huge letdown. Having been involved in high level business negotiations most of my working life. Thomas and family have been clueless. Throughout recent weeks there’s been too much mouth and very little money. If I were Dean Holden I’d get the hell out of Dodge sooner rather than later.
    Some integrity, trust and transparency would be welcome. A meeting owner must have the wherewithal to BUY not rent new championship-experienced players. Bringing back
    Players who were potent last time at the Valley, doesn’t mean they will be again.
    Doug Morrison
    Glaswegian currently celebrating Sturgeon’s downfall

  4. Agree,
    Once again we have reached a crossroad, 2nd be rate team, 2bob owner, litigation in the offing again. How on earth did it come to this. We all know what we need, but how do we convince the real money men to invest, with TS wanting a big payoff and to retain 20percent, ridiculous, not of course forgetting RD. All very sad indeed.

  5. 1.There was always going to have to be a massive recruitment in the summer due to short term contracts, thats not new.
    2. For every big spenders like Derby/Sheff weds there are teams doing very well with very little spend e.g. Bolton. Savvy. Free transfers.These are league 1 wannabes-why is that bad? We all need motivation.
    3. why should you expect your entertainment to be subsidised by a wealthy investor? If you want better pay more yourself.
    4.what we need is better recruitment amongst the free transfers and expect the Academy players to get their chance, as you correctly point out. yes and we may have to sell talented players. But hopefully use the money wisely.

    • There are very few examples in our division of teams that over perform relatively to their budget and your example of Bolton is not a good one because they have spent significantly more money than us on recruitment. There have been numerous studies over the years that demonstrate that budgets generally reflect League position. This whole recruitment has to be smarter and use more kids narrative is flawed

  6. There is nothing clueless about TS. He knows exactly what he is doing, and that is to increase his own personal wealth. it would appear he is well on his way of doing just that.

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