Is there any point in being a Charlton supporter any more ?

OK, Calm down – I’m trying to stimulate discussion . Ive been going week in week out for 46 years so I’m not likely to stop so suddenly .
However , if the extent of our ambition in Roland 6clubs empire is to become a dumping /proving ground for Standard Liege reserves so that we can share wages , bring on some of their younger players and in reality we are the ‘feeder’ club or junior partner , then frankly we might as well all pack it in.
If he isn’t prepared to spend any money and the limit of our ambition is to survive in the Championship or League 1 and at the same time help out Standard Liege, then there really isn’t much point in it any more is there ?
To give a point to our support ,there has to be hope that we could get back to the premiership in the next couple of years and to do that we need to have an owner that is , at least, going to compete with the lower level clubs in the Championship like Huddersfield ( Nakhi Wells £1.3m) and Bournemouth ( 4 year contract for Lewis Grabban) , let alone the Leicester’s, Forest , QPR and Leeds of the Division.

So far , we have no new contract for SCP , no new contracts for the senior pros , no new signings , no decent loan signings.
I’ve moved from underwhelmed 2 weeks ago to worried ( and a bit depressed !) – maybe its just because its a Monday !!!

4 thoughts on “Is there any point in being a Charlton supporter any more ?

  1. Can’t believe Mr. Duchatelet doesn’t want a piece of the Premiership pot of gold, which dwarfs what he could ever achieve with Standard Liege! Charlton offers the best opportunity to satisfy his football entrepreneurial dreams.

    • Bob
      Thanks for the comment . Your view is entirely logical. However , I think it would be very difficult to keep us happy as well as the Standard Liege fans and bearing in mind he is Belgian and goes to their games , regardless of the financial advantage of premiership status , I think he will always favour them

  2. And on that note AA, might as well add the possibility that those that emerge from our excellent crop of youngsters might end up being loaned out to play for SL rather than forming the basis of the next team for us.

    • Thanks BA – Lets hope we win tonight and suddenly we get a striker in that we’ve all heard of – who doesn’t necessarily hark from the land of Tintin and we’ll all feel a bit more optimistic !!
      Its Tuesday – I feel better already.

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