Roland Relegation

At the end of our transfer deadline day business , I think we can conclude that Division 1 has just got very much closer . We have sold our best player by a country mile , Yann Kermogant , one of the best players I have seen in a Charlton shirt ( including the premiership years).in 46 years of watching.

We have also sold Dale Stephens , who , although not that good , did at least look like a championship player most of the time .

What are we left with – no discernible midfield – my pal who saw Astrid at Doncaster said he looked like a fat , slower version of Johnnie Jackson – Oh Whoopee . The bloke we brought in from Hungary couldn’t even get a game for Ujpest Dozsa and he got a 3 year deal .

The Goalie has played  once and been responsible for the 1-0 defeat .

Then we’ve got an Iranian who cant get a game for Standard Liege and a Polish bloke who has scored 20 odd goals in Charlton Park , sorry I meant the Dutch 2nd division.. Oh what joy !

Start booking your bed & breakfast in Fleetwood – Division One we are on our way back – thanks Roland.



10 thoughts on “Roland Relegation

  1. How can you judge the new signings without seeing them for yourself? Yann turned down a two yr deal, and dale was inconsistent at best. Both a big part of a team that has left is in the bottom 3. You choose to be negative. I guess if you expect the worst you can only be pleasantly surprised if things go well. Personally, as much as I will miss both those players, our squad is stronger now than it was a month ago.

  2. Totally agreed. Roland is OK about relegation as it won’t cost him any money and will able to develop a team against lower standard opposition in League One. Some people have said that there is no one bigger than the club, KMG or CP. Well there is one and that’s Mr Roland Relegation Duchatelet. Charlton is not an independent club anymore but an outpost of Duchatalet Athletic UK. Be clear that Roland is picking the team from his office as well.

    It is anybody’s guess where Charlton go from League One as you need a mountain of salt for Duchatalet or Charlton pronouncements. There is a plan but Roland ain’t going to tell us as we are not going to like it.

    Not replacing the main midfielder and leaving a strike force without any obvious supply is not fair on them, and I feel genuinely sorry for them. Unless the emergency window turns up a decent midfield player, one of the youth develops or there is an out of contract player coming in then this season may end up as a farce.

    Charlton Athletic season ticket holder

  3. Leaving the team in this state is not giving CP a fair chance to prove himself. I can see picking the players that Roland has asked him to play at Wigan and watch the result which is unlikely to be pretty. Roland should let CP leave on amicable terms and bring in the coach who can follow Duchatelet’s every instruction. Let Charlton fans say goodbye at the Valley as well.

    I am feeling gutted at what is going on and what is happening to my club

    Charlton Athletic season ticket holder

  4. I can see CP picking the players that Roland has asked him to play at Wigan and watch the result which is unlikely to be pretty.

  5. You are entitled to your opinion, but let’s see what happens before making judgment. Kermorgant was pretty good – and a thoroughly nice bloke by all accounts – but note the adjective used was always ‘talismanic’ and never ‘prolific’. He also spent much of the time injured and was coming to the end of his career. Judging Astrid on one game – his first – seems slightly premature, as is taking the opinion of your ‘pal’ as Gospel. Wait till you see him yourself (as to whether your opinion carries any more weight than your pal’s, of course, depends on how much expertise you have). And blaming the goalie for a one-nil defeat sounds like a defender’s tactic. If the great Kermorgant had scored two, would you have been praising the goalkeeper for the victory? I haven’t seen the Iranian or the Polish player, but am looking forward to seeing what they are about. Perhaps you should do the same before writing them off. At least they are young, keen and full of promise. Find a team you can support – Man City might be a good bet – or at least give the one you claim to support the benefit of the doubt for at least 24 hours after the window closes.

  6. Reality will bite when the scores come rolling in. Great all those who want to hang onto the dream for a bit. Thats your preorgative. What I don’t like is Chris Powell not been given a fighting chance. Maybe the plan for Roland is to make the fans so unhappy with results that we won’t mind saying good bye to CP at the end of the season and then bring in the coach he has in mind all along.

    Theres a few who blame CP for the poor performance to date and will love to blame him again, most won’t though. simiilar to blaming Stephens or KMG for Charlton not being in the bottom 3.

    Personally, I think that CPs strength is building a team, picking the players of good character which is really competitive. CP makes plenty of mistakes as a tactician, much as I love CP as manager, a coach for Duchatelet with no authority to pick the players he wants is not where I see he will prosper. Maybe the coach will play passing football more suited to the players coming in.

    Duchatalet has a strategy and he should go for it and be accountable for it, if / when it goes badly wrong results wise this season. Let his coach and Duchatelet show some balls and admit the plan and stand up for the rest of the season.

    I would be very happy to be proved wrong or that a quality emergency loan midfielder or out of contract comes in and changes things. Those going to Wigan deserve a medal.

    Charlton Athletic season ticket holder

  7. Sensible comment at last. For gods sake do you really think Roland has bought our club to take it into Div 1 , he has massive ambition to get us into the premier league and has to start somewhere . I still remember the selhurst days and lennie getting us promoted , now that was a manager under pressure , as much as we all love CP he is still unproven in my eyes and how therefore can Roland give him a new contract ! By the way that is not to say he won’t . As for Kermogrant, I would have loved to keep him but if he was that good why did only Bournmouth !! Come in for him . I think the new owners have dreams of more than Bournmouth coming for our best player !
    The Charlton I want back is the one competing in the premier league in front of 40,000 , not 3rd from bottom of div 1 with everyone bleeting about our wonderfull manager and our incredible top player wanted by every club in the land including Bournmouth.
    Chrissey Powell’s red Army . The battle is just beginning

    • Thanks for all the comments ( except the very abusive one, which I deleted !) . Lets hope the optimists in the house are correct and that this heralds the start of a resurgence at our football club .

  8. Admire the fighting spirit Ollygab but you are putting a positive spin on current events and assuming what Roland will do in the future. Do you know that if Charlton stay up that Roland has to pay 4 million to Jimensz and Slater ? If Charlton goes down then he saves 4 million ! He will cope finanically if Charlton goes down to league one .

    The most positive, I can be for this season is as a long shot that we strengthen with an emergency loan midfielder or out of contract or one of the youth come through or at worst the rebuilding process continues at the end of the season and there is competitive team for start of the League One season. Like Albury, I hope the optimists are correct.

    Charlton Athletic season ticket holder

  9. Why so negative ?He could have “saved “20 million pounds by not buying Charlton in the first place ! £800,000 for a 20 year old untested Dutch player does not sound like someone looking to save 4 million quid to go down a division and a extra year or 2 to get back (remember he is 67 as well ). Charlton will loose a lot more in Div1 then the Championship. I do not understand your logic.

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