Reza v The Super Eagles

It was no competition really , I went to see The Eagles at the O2. We had seats which were quite close to the stage , but also next to the gangway near the top of the block.
It was like watching a concert in a train station . I wanted to watch and listen to a succession of great hits from the Eagles. What I actually saw during the concert was a constant stream of mostly fat, middle aged men ( and women) going to the toilet and/or returning with 4 new pints of lager- and I’m not talking about the Eagles themselves.
You would think that people would be able to organise themselves to a) arrive on time b) go to the toilet before the concert starts c) wait until the interval to get a drink and /or go to the toilet again d) buy the video or watch it on TV rather than hold up a silly smartphone to video the concert e) only stand up and dance in your seat if everyone else is doing it. f) don’t have a lengthy conversation with your partner in the seat behind me while Timothy Schmidt is singing a ballad.
I know its not the theatre , but it is similar in that it is a performance which people pay a lot of money to watch – none of the above are allowed at the theatre so why at a Pop concert ( Festivals are obviously different) ?

As for Reza , I recorded that and watched it – lets face it he’s never going to be what you might call prolific is he ?

4 thoughts on “Reza v The Super Eagles

  1. Civility, courtesy and common sense concert etiquette went out the window many years ago, particularly at those events held in massive arenas and other edifices not originally intended for music presentations. Sadly, the same degeneration in audience behaviour is now being experienced in concert halls, theatres and clubs. It’s simply a sad statement of today’s society.

    • Bob
      All True ,although a bit depressing since its probably only c10% of the audience who can’t concentrate or sit still for 5 mins and therefore spoil it for the silent majority.
      The funny thing is that football crowds are full of middle aged paunchy males ( like me), but with the odd emergency exception , people hold on to all their needs and wants until half time !!

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