Wheels on our wagon

When I was young in the 70’s I used to go to Charlton most weeks and Millwall sometimes too. It was in the days when youngsters used to walk around the perimeter of the pitch with a tray selling chocolate bars, wagon wheels and fizzy drinks , like a cinema usherette . The incident that most convinced me that Charlton was probably the better club for me was when one of these young lads who was walking around the pitch at the Den suddenly disappeared into the crowd to be chucked back onto the pitch a couple of minutes later , unharmed , but minus his tray of wagon wheels , drinks and the money he had collected to roars of laughter from the cultured crowd. In terms of subsequent years of misery and underperformance on the pitch , choosing Charlton appears to have been the right shout , although Millwall did somehow get to an FA Cup Final , an unbelievable feat for which Denis Wise should have been recognised in the Queens honours list.

To my mind , if we were top of the Premiership and Millwall were languishing in 92nd place in the Football League , there is no more certain outcome in football derbies than a Millwall victory , particularly at the Valley. Maybe , just maybe , things will be different tomorrow , but I will be there expecting a familiar reverse and praying for salvation.

2 thoughts on “Wheels on our wagon

  1. For me this is a strange one. Three blokes in my family are spanners and they have been since they were children and one even has the tats, to prove it. I’ve known them for 30 to 40 years and I’ve supported CAFC for 50 years and it’s not a problem. They’ve always struck me as friendly, polite, respectful, intelligent and humorous people, which I try to be in return. With them I’m in luck. Therefore I find it very strange when I read a Millwall bloggers site, out of sick curiosity. My god what is wrong with those sad, moronic people, what’s their problem. So many of these idiots are just pathetically tribal and their brains aren’t big enough to comprehend a simple basic reality, that is it’s a sport and is supposed to be enjoyed. All this hatred and vitriol in football is total crap and thank god most genuine fans and supporters are not like this.
    I consider my self working class and I grew up in that kind of S.E. environment and at 64 I hope am grown up. My message to all of footballs hate motivated audience including those at CAFC is you are being sad, get a real life before it’s to late.

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