I feel a sacking coming on

I can’t really believe anyone with half a brain would have thought that the couple pretending to have sex on the pitch at the Valley was a clever marketing idea. .
‘Sex on the pitch’ can feature up there with ‘kids for a quid’ and ‘football for a fiver’.
Actually lets forget about hiring the pitch for playing football , lets just get people to pay for having sex on the pitch.

Maybe we could offer a cheap rate for under 15’s and pensioners – then maybe we could market and sell the videos in the club shop. Maybe we could have sex competitions against other London teams , home and away , who can last the longest. The commercial opportunities are just limitless.

Heads need to roll

10 thoughts on “I feel a sacking coming on

  1. It was nothing to get your knickers in a twist about just a bit of harmless fun and everyone is looking at it that way. We have never had some much coverage on the lefty BBC ! Nice one Texas..haha

  2. Wow, what a post. Heads need to roll? Who are you to play judge and jury on the matter? I’ve seen a number of negatives on this subject, but for the most part, people seemed to like it. It appears that the ones that didn’t are a bunch of doddery pensioners who are still living in the 1930s.

    This is 2015, think back 20 or so years when you heard old people complaining about the good ole days and what you thought of them. Yes, you’ve now become one. Well done!

    • Its just inappropriate for a football club . It might be appropriate for promoting a night club or 50 shades of grey, but its just not right in a sport which is’family entertainment’
      It is a poor judgement call from the management team at Charlton.

  3. Inappropriate for a professional football club. Inappropriate for an organisation running a girls academy. Inappropriate to invite the club’s porn stars to the match.

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