Mavididi not the answer

You’ve got to feel for Karl Robinson – we might not like his obsessive one man up front tactical formation but It was always going to be impossible for him to be successful this season with one experienced forward.

Luckily I missed the game today but I spent the entire 90 mins logged in to the twitter feeds. After the Wigan performance I was feeling optimistic today before the game but as soon as I saw the team sheet I told the wife we would lose –  Reeves and JFC together in the middle is too lightweight for this division –  Aribo is stronger, more physical and should have started along with KAG. They both played well at Wigan. Lennon and Sarr were superb at Wigan and despite today as soon as we have Pearce and Baeur back too we are well served in that area – the real problem is up front where we don’t have a single striker who can hit a cows arse with a banjo.

Poor Karl knows that Mavididi is not really the answer – his record is – wait for it – Arsenal -zero goals – Charlton – zero goals – Preston – zero goals.

Im sure he is a good player and let’s hope that more game time and the midfield support at Charlton will help but let’s be honest he’s not really the answer is he ? The suggestion that his signing is going to excite the supporters is really both naive and a bit insulting.

Unless somehow, the Board allows Robinson to sign a proper experienced goal scorer like an Eoin Doyle or a Billy Boden or a Billy Sharp or Yann or similar, the season is toast and we are going to spend it trying to scrape enough points to avoid relegation to the 4th division.

Finally the appointment of Katrien Meire as CEO at Sheffield Wednesday is nothing short of astonishing. You have to marvel at the lack of proper reference checking that must have gone on. In Private Equity where I work we undertake exhaustive and forensic reference checking on prospective CEO ‘s including questioning colleagues , ex colleagues , customers and above all detailed analysis of financial and commercial success. It is inconceivable that Sheffield Weds did anything other than a call to Roland and possibly to Richard. Alienating and losing over 40% of your core customer base through sheer incompetence , rudeness and ineptitude wouldn’t feature highly on my list of desirable characteristics for any CEO I employ – maybe football is different ??


4 thoughts on “Mavididi not the answer

  1. Throughout my career especially in the USA, I have watched my competition CEO’s get hired, come in and screw the company up, then move on to an even higher profile job and do it again and again, every time earning more dollars. I could barely contain myself laughing 😆 when I saw them hired again. So stupid is as stupid does. Well we all know she has some great signings to pull from…As Robinson loves her so much, he might even be on her Rolladex….

  2. Happy New Year Albury. Perhaps KM was appointed “fairly and squarely ? ” As a woman she would not have been appointed by being “on the square !” The positive is with KM gone it is one down one to go ! Agree also with Alan Oakes’ comments. Incompetence is well rewarded in all walks of life….politics for starters !!

      • That’s why I’m in Cyprus but it can be quite chilly during the winter nights and there is snow and skiing in the Troodos.Charlton will always be my team and I always wish the best for them.

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