ESI can’t even find 3 honest men

….or women

You have to wonder that ESI cannot even manage to find 3 honest, non bankrupted or compromised individuals to funnel Mr Nimer’s money through. Its absolutely astonishing isn’t it ?

There are 67 million people in the UK and presumably 99.99 per cent of them would pass the EFL’s tests.

It tells you all you need to know about ESI that they can’t even find 3 honest people and one of them actually purports to be a lawyer. How on earth has Chris Farnell not been struck off ? -anyway we will get him in time – that’s tomorrow’s mission.

I’ll tell you what ESI,- I’ll drop you a cheque for £20k tomorrow and that’s a profit of £19,999 for you. I will then immediately pass the EFL tests because I am honest and trustworthy and it will take about five minutes.

The day after that I will give the club to Peter Varney and Andrew Barclay for a quid.

Come On how about it ? You get to boast at the Wilmslow golf club about making £20k for doing nothing and we get to never hear or see from you scum ever again. Not complicated is it ……..

2 thoughts on “ESI can’t even find 3 honest men

  1. Like you I am absolutely disgusted with the ESI situation. I hope they take up your wonderful gesture of a cheque for £20k. I still find the situation hazy are ESI 1 (Nimer &Southall) out of the equation or is it just ESI 2 (Elliot plus) who are in question? I would have thought that neither ESI 1 or 2 are suitable owners which surely means the club could revert to dear Roland. It must be in his interest that stable ownership is established if he is to sell the ground and training facilities.

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