EFL are deliberately trying to damage Charlton.

Am I the only fan who fears that somewhere in the EFL hierarchy there is someone, maybe even a Palace or Millwall fan with a mission to destroy our club ?

Firstly, they conspire to relegate us from the Championship when under any kind of fair and balanced system Sheffield Weds would have incurred the 12 point deduction last season.

Prior to that they had approved Matt Southall and Tahnoon Nimer as fit and proper people to run our football club even though a 9 year old with access to a smartphone would have been aware that Matt Southall is not a fit and proper person to run any kind of organisation.

They follow this up with a transfer embargo which is kept confidential from the paying customers ( us fans) and therefore means that the crooks from all the different ESI versions did not get the sensible scrutiny from our highly intelligent and resourceful fan base, meaning that valuable time has been lost in getting rid of them.

Then they ensure we are not competitive in this Division by setting an arbitrary salary cap of £1300 a week and insisting that kids that have played an odd cup game or were forced to play a few league minutes because of first team injuries last season are counted in our 23 man total

And NOW when it looks like we’ve finally got a potentially decent owner to drag us out of this mess in Thomas Sandgaard, they drag their feet on approving him as our new owner. The same 9 year old that could have told them that Matt Southall was a wrongun can also access his smartphone to confirm that Thomas is sufficiently wealthy ETHICAL and MORAL ( unusual for recent owners , I know)

WHY OH WHY are the useless people at the EFL determined to continually punish and penalise Charlton – makes you wonder a bit doesn’t it ?

8 thoughts on “EFL are deliberately trying to damage Charlton.

  1. Yeah but they do the same to any other gaff n ave to follow the rules cos aint Elliott taken court action so iss up to the courts to decide. King Lee juss as to get on with it dahn our gaff n thass wot e’s doin with a good opener win against Crewe.

  2. It would appear to be a bit of a conspiracy, I think it is more to do with gross incompetence though. Maybe it needs a good clear out of personnel.

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