No Doubting Thomas

If Thomas carries on with this relentless wave of positivity, common sense and unstinting support for our club, after 10 years or more of misery I might even have to change the subtitle on my blog from ‘grumpy ramblings’ to ‘optimistic observations’ – catchy eh ?

Isn’t it just great ? We’ve finally got an owner who not only has the financial wherewithal, just like Roland, but unlike Roland, actually knows how to run a football club.

I don’t know who the biggest scammers were in the recent ownership saga but I guess it’s likely that it was Southall first and foremost, with Farnell & Elliott not far behind. The purchase of all these Range Rovers was definitely Southall inspired. Elliot continues to bleat on about putting money into the club and it may well be that he did do that and the club would certainly have needed the funds given the financial ruin that Southall and his fellow scammers caused.

However, I’ve got no sympathy for Elliott- it’s caveat emptor isn’t it ? If Farnell’s first mate, Southall hadn’t spent £700k on Range Rovers then Farnell’s second mate Paul Elliott wouldn’t have needed to put £700k in ( if indeed he put any money in), part of which was apparently to fund his own new shiny Range Rover. Not that complicated is it ?

Thomas is now on a campaign to persuade the EFL to tighten up the rules so that pond life ‘businessmen’ like Southall, Elliott and advised by ‘Saul Goodman’ Farnell, all of whom have a string of business failures behind them are prevented from creating similar havoc at other football clubs.

That’s a campaign we should all get behind and while you’re at it make sure you buy as many stream raffle tickets as you can.

Lets support Thomas Sandgaard, a proper owner and a proper bloke.

3 thoughts on “No Doubting Thomas

  1. Thank you Albury Addick. Like many people, I miss Dr. Kish as he always had the knack of saying what I thought while giving a no-nonsense account of the current CAFC misery. Big shoes to fill but you obviously take the same size. Thank you.

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