Ryan Inniss 6 The Opposition 0

I’m not the world’s greatest statistician but I think I’m correct in saying that Ryan Inniss has now played 6 games this season and we have won all of them. I don’t think that is a coincidence. I think it is safe to conclude that had he been playing all season we would comfortably be in the Top 2 now and Lee Bowyer would still be the manager – it’s Sliding Doors Ryan’s Quads.

I used to play centre forward myself and there were certainly times when you got on the pitch, looked at the centre half and thought – maybe not today. I suspect all the 3rd division number 9’s feel the same way when Inniss is playing. That’s not to denigrate the efforts of Pearcey ( who was magnificent again yesterday), Famewo and Deji who all look much better when playing alongside big Ryan. We just look so much more solid.

I’m not optimistic that we can make the play offs this season, although if we do and Sunderland do too then they will certainly get the wobbles, particularly if Charlie Wyke has to face Inniss.

My bold prediction is this, next season IF we keep Ryan fit, frankly just so long as we put a half decent team around him, particularly with some better goal scoring midfield support for JFC ,in this division which is generally devoid of good football and very dependent on long balls and set pieces, we will win loads of games 1-0 and go up in a canter.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Inniss 6 The Opposition 0

  1. I am still hoping for a play-off place as the team looked really good yesterday and the teams that are now left to play us will not feel that confident. With big Ryan back in our defence the team seems to have more confidence going forward with the ball. Keep Maatsen on the wing, he was brilliant. COYR.

  2. I make you n yourn right on King Lee stayin n all miss im so much. Iss good to ave Innis back thass for sure. Well done to Maatsen for scorin is first goal for ourn n all. I reckon the football is very good in League 1. I done my FA level 1 coachin badges n am arf impressed with wot I’m seein in the league.

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