Holed in the Middle

It’s still early days but I don’t think we will get anywhere with the current midfield. I don’t think that Clare or DJ are good enough and although Albie has talent he’s not strong enough to build the midfield around.

The addition of Kirk is very welcome and he is a good player at League 1 level. However, in order to be competitive, we badly need more creativity in the middle and an alternative tactic than hoofing the ball up to Stockley all the time. Good as Stockley is, we desperately need a Plan B and that requires another talented striker.

Adkins has stated that there will be more incomings and we need 4 or 5 really good players in with the emphasis on midfield and up front. For me, Clare and DJ are squad players not first choice. It probably says everything you need to know that Karl Robinson decided that Sean Clare wasn’t a midfielder and played him at full back.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of Gilbey either and whilst JFC is really good , we wont see him until January.

I suppose this is just terminology but I don’t like it when the manager talks about extra “bodies” because we’ve got enough “bodies” already – What we need is talented League 1 footballers and we haven’t got anywhere near enough of them.

Lets continue to hope that a few talented creative reinforcements are on their way, otherwise its going to be a very tough season

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