Selecting a Manager for Charlton

I hope and believe that JJ and Jason will prove to be a successful combination at Charlton.

If you consider the successful managers we have had at Charlton, both Curbs and Powell were helped hugely by their relatively recent football careers and their intimate knowledge of some of their earliest recruits. For Curbs, it was Steve Gatting, Gary Nelson and John Robinson , all of whom he knew from playing with them at Brighton.

With Chris Powell, it was Michael Morrison and Yann Kermogant whom he knew really well from his Leicester role. Lennie Lawrence is an honorable exception here but he worked so hard and had a fantastic knowledge of the best players in the lower leagues, hence how we picked up, John Humphrey, John Pender, Steve Thompson and George Shipley. To be fair to Lennie , he was a genius at recruitment ( Ralph Mine excepted !)

Anyway, my point here is that if it turns out that JJ does not get the job long term, I’m not keen on anyone who doesn’t know the players in the lower leagues well. For that reasion, I woudn’t take Chris Wilder or Ryan Mason for example. I’d much rather a Michael Flynn or a Matt Taylor. Ian Evatt at Bolton is an excellent example of what can be achieved.

Anyway, I hope this is just academic and JJ and JE start with a win at Sunderland tomorrow

3 thoughts on “Selecting a Manager for Charlton

  1. We need Flynn in charge or we be down jj plays to much like Adkins and we need to appoint quickly so they have chance in January window

    • I don’t believe that Jackson is like Adkins at all, he will operate in his own way with the help of Euell. As he has said his experience as a player, coach and assistant manager, I’m sure his stamp on the team will become evident. Personally I think he already ahead in the race for the permanent manager position because he is a “Charlton” man and requires no cultural learning of the Club.
      Best of luck tomorrow, Johnny and Jason.

  2. Yeah well you ave to give them two a chance first. JJ m JE. I aint even thinkin abahrt other gaffers n both of them deserve our full support dahn our gaff n away.

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