League 1 is Rubbish

The last 2 games have been terrible. On both occasions at Morecambe and Shrewsbury, Charlton have tried to play possession football like a Championship team and the opposition have played to win through corners, long throw ins and free kicks. Both Morecambe and Shrewsbury were awful, but thats the Division we find ourselves in. We would have won both games if Stockley and Pearce ( or Inniss) had been playing. However other teams have key player injuries, Shrewsbury had lots of first team players missing through suspension and injury so they had more problems than us so they just stuck 7 players behind the ball and relied on set pieces and physicality. Morecambe’s goal from a corner – given that McG never comes to collect – was entirely predictable. They were useless and MK Dons showed how bad they were with a 4-0 win there yesterday,

We have to learn how to compete at this level. In order to get out of this division we need to have 2 reliable physical centre halves and we need a goal scoring striker to work alongside Stockley and Washington. Davison is not the answer.

JJ made his first managerial mistake yesterday by playing Papa Soare instead of staying with Purrington. Although Gunter is hardly a fan favourite and he made a game changing mistake at Morecambe, he is vastly experIenced and should have played yesterday.

Who knows what is going on with Thomas but we need to acquire a goal scorer and a physical centre half to get out of this division

5 thoughts on “League 1 is Rubbish

  1. Oh dear! 4 league defeats to Shrewsbury in as many years and you still think that you’re too big for league 1. Reality check and a cold shower required!

  2. Two former Palarce players – Innis and Soare; hardly offering much endeavor to CAFC in our pursuit to get out of League One.

  3. I agree with Nick n league 1 aint rubbish n neither are Shrewsbury. They fahnd a way to win n it worked. Ourn played well from wot I saw on the ighlights but could not finish n thass all there is to it. This is JJ’s first loss in 7 n the boo boys are ahrt already. Adkins is an experienced gaffer who got ourn in the rellies, JJ aint got is experience n is doin well so ere are give im a bit of slack on ere.

  4. If only Adkins had lost this game it would be ok to be 15th in league one this team is poor the players brought in are no good oh hail mr stocky on my head please
    He’s no good without someone like Miller near him
    God help jj
    To be honest give the job to Jason he knows the youth team very well and we are not going to sign any good players in January
    Jason knows the youngsters very well and I think it’s the way forward now

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