Clueless Charlton

What to do in the current crisis to stop us hurtling further towards Division 4 ?

  1. Stop playing open expansive football we haven’t got the players to do it. Dig in and get some results to stop the rot. The football is easy on the eye but the results are hopeless and that’s all that matters. Noone cares how we play. The owner and manager have set an expectation of the playing style that they haven’t made the investment for and therefore don’t have the capability to deliver
  2. Start playing 2 strikers up front together. Obviously not getting another striker in the window was both stupid and reckless. However, if it means sacrificing a winger to play Stockley and Leaburn together that’s what we need to do.
  3. Bring JFC back into the side.He is bound to be rusty but when he is even 75% fit he is
    the best midfielder at the club by a mile. Morgan and Mcgrandiles are just not good enough
  4. Tighten up the defence. It’s about clean sheets. Garner needs to organise them properly to defend for their lives. Like him or loathe him, Inniss is our best defender. Give him the responsibility of sorting out our defence on the pitch.
  5. Whilst we are all grateful for Thomas Sandgaards rescue mission on the club , it is clear that he doesn’t have the funds or appetite to launch a serious promotion challenge even from Division 3 let alone the Championship. He needs to find a new owner for the club.

8 thoughts on “Clueless Charlton

  1. I absolutely agree with you mate-Re results are more important than pretty football. As an A League supporter (i am sure you know of the Auusie Isuzu Ute A League) and as a Mel City Member I was quite disappointed but not devastated. that Western United won the title, Simply because Charlton always was and always will be my team. John Alloisi has a team set up around sound defense, that frustrates teams like City that play fluid attacking football If a team like City cant score they run out of idaes, then leave themselves open to attack. Bear in mind IMO , Jamie Young, in goal for Western, is the most underated keeper in the league .And God knows where they got that Serbian striker from (forgot name. If Charlton had him we would be way up the table

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Well actually I could! What about Scott Parker for manager?
    As an aside, we could have signed James Norwood from Ipswich on a free…
    But, FFS, bring JFC into the team asap!!!

    • Wayne – it doesn’t matter who Charlton’s manager is – even if it was a Klopp or a Conte – without adequate financial
      backing from the owner then a manager cannot shape a squad with the right mix of quality, experience, balance and depth, and be able to develop a style of play that delivers winning football. BG says to fans “dont attack the players” and “he takes full responsibility” but it is Teflon Thomas who should be taking responsibility for this mess. He can’t say he wasn’t warned that Charlton were in short supply of experienced attackers but he chose to ignore that advice in his now customary “l know best” attitude. He needs to wise up and quickly.

  3. All I will say is . Look at what that Belgian rat did to us just before he sold us. TS I think is going to do the same. Balance books( make us look good on paper) not spend any money on players. Money received from Pope and others add on fees not invested back into Club. Yes ok you can argue which is worse rat I forgot that other shark and TS. We are in real shit. We are better off starting off from the beginning again up at Charlton park and sure we would score a goal or two and play better football than what we are doing now.

  4. Personally i dont think the manager is the problem. Garner seems a quite capable, and above all an honest bloke.I get the impression that he expected a forward to be brought in on the last days of the transfer window. Now, in retrospect,as mentioned in the opening passages it was wreckless not to bring in cover for the departing Washington. Perhaps the biggest blunder so TS .A tradesman cant work without tools and Garner was never given them Surely TS has learnt,this by now .It aint rocket science
    I dont watch matches, only follow highlights and read comments So i take all aboard your comments. A lot of it is personal opinions,i know, but all in all ,you seem to know your onions ,so to speak. Regarding certain players Bring it on.
    I still recall over the last couple of seasons how some teams have risen from the relgation zone and belted up the table .Oxford springs to mind We dont know whether it was prudent Jan window buying or the return of injured players .Perhaps both
    I feel we have the nucleous of a good team, just need a finisher/poacher coz we seem to make chances.and a more ridgid defense,(bugger the soka buonito/ pretty football) Lets get results, I hope after Xmas, we will be such a belter, and climb the league Its up to TS to wake up and supply the tools

  5. Dear Albury
    My crystal ball tells me a fire sale is in the offing, IE Kirk,Jfc,Henry leaburn etc, then TS will take a haircut on his investment, saddle up and head back to Colorado, I really cannot see any other outcome, for without owning the Valley, training ground, where is his source of profit coming from.RD must be laughing all the way to the bank.looking for an analogy think of Simon Jordan at palace.

  6. The left side of the team is defensively poor, the main culprit is O’Connel. I was frankly amazed when I saw an article on News Now by so called Fan Pundit claiming how good O’Connel is, I’m sorry but he is deceptive in that he looks good in possession which suits the playing out from the back mantra but he is heavy legged which means he lacks pace , as the 2nd and 3rd goals yesterday showed. The left back situation has not been resolved and Fraser does not have a good defensive side to his game.
    I totally agree that JFC should be returned to the fold and I am disgusted with the treatment shown to JFC and and AMcG by the managrment. I had severe doubts when Garner was recruited and I have seen nothing to change my opinion in fact it has been reinforced.

  7. I aint grateful to Mr Saandgard at all on ere, Ourn were doin so much better under King Roland n Queen Katrien but some on ere are to stubborn to admit when there wrong. Ere are the result was shockin shockin juss shockin. Inniss is likely to be carded n sent off so e aint goin to solve our problems, losin Washington was a disgrace n all/

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